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Rapper 2 Chainz transforms his Pink Trap House into an HIV testing center

The Independence Day opening of the Atlanta location was more than a tourist attraction

Social media has been the home of photos from tourists and locals posting up on the porch or around Rapper 2 Chainz’s Pink Trap House.

The Atlanta-based home he rented to promote his new album Pretty Girlz Like Trap Music has been temporarily transformed into a free HIV testing center, opened on the Fourth of July, called Trap Clinic. 2 Chainz has been doing some pretty dope things in his community that have not only sparked attention for the album but also opened the rap world’s eyes to his philanthropic efforts.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, his trap house was opened for free HIV testing from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Independence Day. It’s a temporary site that allowed 2 Chainz to partner with the Fulton County Board of Health, Atlanta AIDS and Test Atlanta.

Besides the Pink Trap House being turned into a temporary site for HIV testing, on Sunday the doors of the church were open as it was turned into “trap church.”

“I appreciate 2 Chainz and the whole team for putting this house up, because in a lot of respects it’s reminding people that this is a real thing in our city,” Pastor Michael Wortham told local station Fox 5 Atlanta on Sunday. “So people come and take pictures, put it up on Instagram and walk away, but there are a lot of people who aren’t able to walk away from this daily reality.”

A trap house traditionally refers to a home where drugs are made or where a drug operation takes place. The traditional trap house is something that has been viewed as a negative symbol. Using symbolism to turn the image into a positive source is 2 Chainz’s way of giving back and combating an issue that plagues society: people not knowing their HIV status.

Al Hollie Jr., youth pastor at Greenforest Community Baptist Church, told Fox 5 what the Pink Trap House represents.

“Much love to 2 Chainz, his movement and the culture, but if you’re taking photos in front of a trap house, you haven’t seen the damage it can do to a community,” Hollie said. “The damage I’m talking about is broken homes, taking family members from each other, kids being taken away, fathers going to prison, children being born addicted to drugs.”

Meanwhile, as the Pink Trap House theme grows, many believe it’s a way to take back some of the negative components in the community and turn the trap house theme and culture into a positive image.

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