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‘Power’ recap: ‘Trust Me’

Kanan is back, LaKeisha knows the truth and Milan is nuts

Season 3, Episode 8 | “Trust Me” | Sept. 4

Kanan is back, y’all.

And he’s out for blood. Quite literally.

The murderous drug dealer is back in New York City and he’s set his sights on Ghost’s son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), whom he meets while playing basketball with Dre (Rotimi). Later, Kanan (50 Cent) shows up at Tariq’s school and punks him into getting in his car and hanging out with him in his dad’s old neighborhood. Kanan tells the boy truths about his father — that Ghost (Omari Hardwick) is not the pristine, club-owning, clean-nosed businessman. Ghost is a hustler who sold drugs on the streets of his city and might well still be up to no good. And that’s bad.

But Kanan? Kanan lures Tariq to an apartment in which (in an earlier episode) he murdered a senior citizen so as to take over the space. Kanan gets Tariq comfortable on the couch of the murdered senior citizen, then pulls out a gun and readies himself to murder the unsuspecting boy. But then Kanan stops — once he hears that the kid hates Ghost.

Uh-oh. What does Kanan have up his sleeve?

Kanan pulls out a gun and readies himself to murder the boy, but stops — once he hears that the kid hates Ghost.

Elsewhere, the heat is on Angela (Lela Loren). A team is investigating her department in an effort to sniff out the mole. Angela is working tirelessly to find out who the mole might be. Angela is trying to ascertain what Ghost’s or Tommy’s (Joseph Sikora) involvement in the murder of Lobos may be. When she corners Tommy’s mom in her home to see if his alibi lines up, Tommy’s mom covers for him — and then Tommy appears.

Over at the weave spot, Milan has scared Tasha (Naturi Naughton) to her core — and Tasha finally confesses to LaKeisha (La La Anthony) that she’s using the salon to launder money. LaKeisha’s unhappy and wants no part of it. But she’ll have no choice. None of them will. It’s Milan’s (Callan Mulvey) world. And he doesn’t care who lives or dies — in a meeting with all of New York’s most powerful drug lords, Milan boldly kills Jae Shin, head of the Korean cartel, played by C.S. Lee, for basically standing up and grieving for his son, yo.

So they all must obey. Or else.

Shivers. Power ain’t playing this season.

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