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‘Power’ recap: Mike Sandoval is busted — and dead

Do you know who can be trusted on ‘Power’? No one. Not one soul.

SEASON 4, EPISODE 8 | “it’s done” | AUG. 13

Goodbye, Mike Sandoval.

And hello, Bad Girl Angela.

We’ve been waiting one entire season for all of the law-abiding (well, for the most part) folks to step up and figure out the foolishness that’s been going down in their unit.

Finally, they figured out that Murdering Mike (David Fumero) is a criminal snake. As we all know, Sandoval, an attorney who was supposed to be taking down bad guys, was The Mole and was working for Lobos, the now-deceased drug kingpin whom Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) took out last season.

But now, finally, Sandoval is gone: killed in a holding cell by an inmate, at the command of Tommy’s newly discovered dad, Tony Teresi (William Sadler). And Angela (Lela Loren), as we discover in the closing moments, had something to do with it. She knew that if Ghost and Tommy knew Sandoval was being pegged for the murder, they would have him killed in prison. And she was correct.

You know who is to be trusted in Power? No one. Not one soul.

So. About Tommy’s real dad: After hearing via a cellphone call that the dad he thought had abandoned him at 2 and died later was likely alive, Tommy heads to his mother’s house to confront her. While Tommy’s mom is listening to Helen Reddy on full blast, he busts in and demands that she tell him about his dad. “He left when you were 2 and then he died,” she says, a story she’s repeated to him for years.

She’s lying. Clearly. And Tommy doesn’t believe her. He heads over to Teresi’s home to talk with his wife, steal an old photo and find out anything he can about the man who claims to be his father. That photo is telling. We learn in another scene (when he goes back to his mother’s home) that the photo is baby Tommy being held by Teresi. His mom confesses. Says his dad left him and left them both with nothing. She says he’s not to be trusted.

You know who is to be trusted in Power? No one. Not one soul.

Tasha is sleeping with her husband’s attorney. Simple Tariq has apparently signed up for a life of crime and is now trying to go away to boarding school in Connecticut with his sister to escape it. Dre (Rotimi) is about to betray Tommy — and do something dumb. And now, whom will Angela go after?


Till next week.

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