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‘Power’ season finale recap: ‘You Can’t Fix This’

Tariq is a badass — and the real Ghost is back

SEASON 4, EPISODE 10 | Episode: “You Can’t Fix This” | SEPT. 3

Raina is really gone. And the tragedy is of epic proportions. And Ghost (Omari Hardwick)? Well, he’s back in this.

The old Ghost. The one from season one. Episode one. The one who takes nail guns and tortures people in auto garages, shoots to kill and puts the fear of God in someone, after they squeal and give up pertinent information, right before he takes their life. That Ghost. He’s back. And I’m guessing he’s not going away anytime soon.

Also back is that good old one-two BFF connection that Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Ghost had. It’s back, it’s criminal, and it feels good to see the two besties and business partners back on the same team, working together to try to figure out who killed Raina and why.

Then, they figure it out. And it comes from an unlikely source: Kanan (50 Cent), who confirms that it’s dirty cop Raymond (Marcus Callender) who shot Ghost’s daughter in cold blood outside of her school. “Tasha,” Tommy says. “Figure out some alibis. We gonna need them.”

Aw yeah. Once again it’s on.

Also, Tariq is a little badass in the making. On his own, he tracked down his sister’s killer, stole his mother’s gun from her safe, quietly left the home and found the man in his hideout in Washington Heights. He killed his sister’s killer. In cold blood. Without any assistance from his dad or godfather.

“I had to fix it,” he tells Ghost and Tommy when they arrive at the scene, only to see the man who shot and killed Raina lying there with a pool of blood around his head, his lifeless body laid out on an area rug. And it looks like Tasha (Naturi Naughton) is going to take the blame for the dirty cop’s killing; we see her hand a check to her lover/lawyer and tell him she did the deed.

Meanwhile Dre (Rotimi) — who quite frankly is the reason for a lot of this season’s gnarly turn of events — is getting deeper and deeper. Aw, c’mon, Dre — all the slick treachery you’ve gotten away with this season? From snaking Ghost’s son and getting him involved with a life he should have never known a word about? And now you’re in bed with the Jimenez and up to no good? And you killed a (drug-dealing) priest?

Yeah. He’s going to pay for that. And you know who will be his piper? Ghost, Tommy and Kanan. The boys are back together again.

Next season can’t come quickly enough.

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