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It’s Libra season! Time to see what’s in store for you. McSpaceBurger

Your October 2022 Andscape horoscope

Mercury retrograde is over. Thankfully, Libra season brings relief and new opportunities.

After rolling around in several retrogrades, October brings some relief as a few planets go direct. First up there’s Mercury, which returns to its regular course on the 2nd, and is still at home in Virgo for a spell. Seeking clarity is on the menu now that we’re slowly coming out of the retrograde haze. What are you planning to do with the knowledge you’ve gained while Mercury was retrograde? Retrograde cycles aren’t just about chatting it up with your ex(es), but if you did spend it that way, what did you learn?

Pluto, the planet of destruction and transformation, goes direct on the 8th. Still in the confines of Capricorn, Pluto reminds us that there’s a subtle yet impactful change ahead. It is time to bring your power and status out of the shadows. With so many world leaders transitioning, there are seats of power available for the taking. 

The Aries Full Moon on the 9th highlights where your relationships are (im)balanced by action — yours or the other party’s. You must own your behavior, no matter what you may think of people’s reactions to it. Ask yourself, what role does anger play in your bonds? The full moon brings out the beast in us all, so be mindful and safe under this lunation. No unnecessary fighting, please.

Mercury enters Libra again on the 10th, placing our minds back on relationships and the agreements we’ve made. Be ready to negotiate, but do so with sophistication and grace. It’s all about clearing those Mercury retrograde cobwebs to make your connections harmonious.

On the 17th, use the last quarter moon in Cancer to let go of what you thought your family (or your audience) would be. It’s time to learn a new way to nourish yourself emotionally.

As the Sun and Venus in Libra square up with Pluto in Capricorn (on the 19th and 20th, respectively), we can find ourselves aware of power struggles and battles of ego as we see the changes in our alliances post-full moon. Leadership is changing, along with your values about relationships. By the way, are you done with struggle love? Are you ready to let your rules of engagement evolve?

It’s about love and money on the 22nd, when the Sun and Venus (still in Libra) join and make us more interested in linking up and finding partners of all kinds. What do you truly want in love and/or business? Where does your ego fit into your partnerships? What makes you say yes or no to commitments? 

The next planet to help us move forward is Saturn in Aquarius, which goes direct on the 22nd (or 23rd for some). Our personal and collective discipline will be on display as we move to connect with like-minded and spirited people. It’s becoming clearer and clearer who’s truly part of your inner circle.

The 23rd is a power-packed day as Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio. Intense matters of the heart, wallet, and ego are the things that demand our attention. After so much of our time being focused on review, now we need to purge any ill energy from our environment. Venus now wants love and devotion, plus respect and privacy, which could also lead to bonds created in secret. The Sun wants to shine a light on what resources are available through others and vice versa. What’s really good with you deep down?

More of what lies beneath gets brought to the surface on the 25th, thanks to the Scorpio New Moon, which is also a solar eclipse. This new moon is about harnessing power that is still discovering itself. You need to eclipse the idea that you are weak. Give yourself an opportunity to redefine what effect certain injuries and wounds have had on you. You might be more healed than you thought. 

Jupiter, still retrograde, comes back home to Pisces on the 28th. Are you fired up on a fantasy? What do your dreams say about your ability to imagine? Jupiter goes direct in November, so take this time to fuel your dreams with a little elbow grease. Retrograde periods aren’t meant for you to be stagnant, they’re intended for reflection while remaining in motion. If you’re creatively or spiritually inclined, tap into your gifts and see where they take you. 

Zooming into a third sign for the month, Mercury enters Scorpio on the 29th, speaking to the underlying things in our conversations. Are you able to speak, think, and strategize in the darkness? Are you comfortable with the concept of death and rebirth? What parts of your thinking are you willing to let die to make room for a new beginning?

To close out an extremely busy month, Mars will be going retrograde in Gemini on the 30th. This can give you an opportunity to redo conversations you had in anger. Review your actions, especially the ones you commit to verbally. This is a good time to repair bonds broken by words or silence. Try to convert negative thoughts into positive action. Mars is retrograde until Jan. 12, 2023, so you’d do well to learn to be comfy with adapting.

Key dates for October

  • 10/2 – Mercury Direct in Virgo + First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
  • 10/8 – Pluto Direct in Capricorn
  • 10/9 – Aries Full Moon
  • 10/10 – Mercury enters Libra
  • 10/17 – Last Quarter Moon in Cancer
  • 10/22-23 – Saturn Direct in Aquarius
  • 10/23 – Venus enters Scorpio, Sun enters Scorpio
  • 10/25 – Scorpio New Moon / Solar Eclipse
  • 10/28 – Jupiter Retrograde enters Pisces
  • 10/29 – Mercury enters Scorpio
  • 10/30 – Mars Retrograde in Gemini


Happy birthday, Libra! After sorting through some deeper truths and self-criticism, your celebration stands to be a fabulous one. Major shifts to the family landscape have shown you that you aren’t always the mirror or the villain in the room. The full moon is set to help you see what belongs to you or the other parties in your partnerships. It’s not always your responsibility to restore peace with others but perhaps you’ve learned about restoring it in yourself.

Mercury enters your sign on the 10th and fills your mind and mouth with beauty, art, fashion, and socializing. You’ve got new battles to fight and your game is tighter than ever. Saturn going direct will unlock your creativity and get you focused on your next project. Perhaps it’s time to reinvent yourself and/or your beauty standards. You’ll have the funds and the energy to do so as Scorpio season arrives.

For someone who seems to be found by the camera or in the midst of attention, you’re also adept at working in the shadows. The solar eclipse wants to see you bring more of what’s been hidden up to the surface. You know you’re fly. You know you’re skilled at being a baddie. No need to pretend like that’s not your reality to make others feel better. Mars retrograde will help draw out some of those complicated beliefs that may have left you more stressed than necessary. Burn through old thinking that’s kept you stagnant.


New connections plus a new you are on the menu for October. Changes in your life have likely left you feeling unsettled. Perhaps it’s been difficult to find the words to describe exactly how you’ve been transformed, but Pluto going direct will help you express yourself fully. The full moon can help illuminate where you have hidden pieces of yourself in different relationships. It’s time for you to reclaim your power and be transparent instead of angry about what you’re doing to make this thing work.

In the week leading up to Saturn going direct on the 23nd, you might find yourself battling old wounds and unexpressed emotions. Use confrontations with others and yourself to purge any misunderstandings or imbalances in your bonds. How has silence or keeping the peace affected your closest relationships? What is it that drives you to want to connect with something or someone?

As Venus and the Sun enter your sign on the 23rd, plus the solar eclipse on the 25th, you’ll be filled with an intense urge to merge with yourself. This is a chance for you to strengthen your boundaries and explore your depths. Strategies that you have used to survive have to be adjusted once you make it out of the wilderness. Jupiter backing up into Pisces can offer you some relief and escape. However, your ruler Mars goes retrograde on the 30th, pushing you to sort through the various ways you lock in with someone. If folks have been confused about your views and practice of intimacy, this is your time to course-correct.


If things have been off professionally, you’ll get back on track now that Mercury is direct. Prepare for the full moon by digging for resources and proven methods to grow your cash as well as your confidence. It’s time for you to get back to having a little fun and enjoy creativity for its own sake. Everything doesn’t have to be done for an otherworldly meaning. It’s OK to be human.

It’s also all right to speak up for yourself as you will be reminded when Saturn goes direct on the 23nd. If there is a writing project or social endeavor that you care about deeply, you may find the energy to commit to making it happen. Check in with yourself and see if your dreams and goals have changed now that you are part of new social circles.

When Scorpio season comes in, you could feel a strong urge to withdraw from the world. Granted, it’s been somewhat of a lonely road over the last year but this is an opportunity to climb even farther out of the darkness. Your ruler Jupiter backs into Pisces which can feel like a reminder of things you’d rather forget. The more you can connect with and release emotions and dreams that have consumed you privately, the more progress you can make in finding your next adventure. Dating and dealmaking can feel tricky while Mars is retrograde, so be mindful of what you express or agree to in anger.


Seeing your journey in a new way can help you clear out some of the confusion you’ve had about your path. The best thing for you to do at the beginning of October is to dive into the discipline that you’re known for, and prepare to play the game with fresh energy. Pluto going direct can help you see exactly where you are in your evolution. The full moon wants to show you who you’ve been as your parental figure(s) desired compared to who the world has shaped you to be. Are there any traditions or relationship habits you want to keep or revamp? 

Professional relationships are a hot topic for you mid month as you find yourself in the middle of a power struggle between co-workers or management. Now that you’ve leveled up, how will your alliances adjust? Your ruler Saturn goes direct on the 23rd, and it’s time for you to let yourself do and be something different. Sticking to old ways for the sake of nostalgia won’t help you move forward.

Forging ahead with a steady mind and spirit is what Scorpio season brings to the table for you. You may find contacts and ideas coming out of the woodwork as the new moon gives you the floor to align yourself strategically with those who have the power and drive to get things done. Don’t be afraid to take some time to dream and get creative. Music, art, and meditation can help quiet any unrest in your life, especially when it comes to the Mars retrograde. When your day-to-day gets too hectic, make sure to allow yourself time to be spontaneous and random. It’ll take the edge off of the conflict flying around.


So much has changed since last month and it’s necessary to take inventory of what’s left and take charge of things moving forward. Underneath it all, you’re ready for a new life. The full moon wants to help you think differently about what you’re learning from your peers and your journey. How have your relationship and spiritual beliefs evolved since last year? Has self-restraint kept you in a state of self-sabotage? Explore where you’ve been and decide where you want to go next. Speaking of which, make sure your passport is updated — your next slay is likely across the pond and beyond.

As your ruler Saturn goes direct, you realize you’re at a pivotal point in your story. You’re setting a new foundation for yourself and that needs to be a priority for you. Professional relationships and your own relationship to your career are up for a major shift over the next several months thanks to the solar eclipse / new moon. Review the opportunities coming your way and see where you can add some of your own magic. Mars retrograde wants to help you revamp how you act upon pleasure and creativity. If you’ve been far too dedicated to work and family issues, Mars retrograde will provide the urge needed to make fun happen. Keep that pen or that keyboard moving — you’ve got a project or two that needs behind-the-scenes work. Let’s go!


Mercury goes direct and asks exactly how deep is your love. For partnership? For romance? For your goals? Better yet, the Aries full moon asks, for yourself? Challenge the way you think about self-esteem and sacrifice — what did your upbringing teach you about them? Notice any people or connections that are invested in your transformation and how. Do they want to see you reborn or destroyed? Having tough yet graceful conversations can help you get to the bottom of things.

If you’ve felt stuck when it comes to diving deeper into your subconscious, Saturn going direct may help loosen and refocus your energy. Perhaps a trip somewhere faraway could help you make sense of things. What location(s) do you find yourself drawn to? Who do you want to learn from? The solar eclipse can help you find a new subject or vibration to study in depth. 

Your ruler Jupiter slips back into your domain, seeking to refresh your muscle memory on what you have to offer and the fullness of who you are. What are you comfortable with expanding in your life? Would you like to soak up any new influences or insights? What would you like to add to your collection of talents, gifts, dreams, and inspirations? Make your home environment as stimulating or restful as you’d like. Family could be a source of stress, so make sure you have a safe place to go that’s yours.


The month begins with you having a better handle on your daily schedule, or at least a clear idea of where you want it to be. Ask yourself what you want the end result to be when you lie down at night. Your status has been upgraded at work or within your family. Are you ready to assume this new role and responsibility? You’ll find out how prepared you are when your full moon appears on the 9th. Mind your impulse to isolate yourself. There’s a difference between solitude and isolation, not to mention a time for it. You need to be around your people.

As October goes on and Saturn goes direct, you’ll be more aware of who the members of your inner circle are. What secrets and deep truths are you looking to share with your dearest ones? Your bonds will grow based on what you choose to reveal (or not). Scorpio season could feel a bit more intense and emotional than you may be used to. The challenge for you is to keep the lines of verbal communication open. 

Your ruler Mars goes retrograde at the end of the month until early 2023, so it’s important for you to watch your step and your mouth. This is not the time to be reckless about what you say and how you say it. Keep an eye on how people respond to you in your neighborhood. What are they saying with their actions? What are you saying with yours?


What do you believe you can create? That is a question for you to consider at the beginning of the month when Mercury and Pluto go direct. What natural gifts or talents have you neglected for the sake of imperfection or the idea it was too frivolous? Are you done hiding the more assertive part of yourself? The full moon wants to show you who you’ve become as a result of your daily routine. Do you like that person? What has your schedule taught you about the values you live every day?

When Saturn goes direct, it’s an opportunity for you to consider your commitment to your career and your status in the world. Do you feel like you are being professionally respected? How do the opinions of the world factor into what you do? Do you feel like you have the freedom you need to feel confident in your work? In the midst of all of this effort, don’t forget to take good care of yourself. You are being asked to make a lot of changes, which I know you’re not fond of, but they must be done for you to have a new life.

Knowing where your confidence ends and other’s begins is the task when your ruler Venus enters Scorpio — your opposite sign. Finding yourself with the wrong partner is a tough situation to be in. Between the solar eclipse and Jupiter backing into Pisces, you’ll soon have a new network or perspective altogether. Mars retrograde could have your finances in a bit of chaos. Don’t lose your cool for the sake of winning an argument. The key is to know what’s valuable as a thought and worth speaking on.


Relief comes at the beginning of the month for you when your ruler Mercury goes direct. Enjoy the forward motion as Mercury zips through Libra and Scorpio later in October. Pay attention to the topics and conversations that draw you in. They will help you navigate your next steps as we experience some heavy transits. The full moon will illuminate how balanced things are between your fun and your future. Usually it’s not difficult for you to have a good time, but Mars being in your sign could leave you with a little more irritation than usual.

As Saturn goes direct, you may find yourself feeling more relieved and able to breathe easier. Take advantage of the last moments of Libra season and get better acquainted with the beautiful creative things (and people) that excite you. Socializing is your superpower.

We’ve got an intense Scorpio season ahead and you’d do well to dig deep when it comes to your work and daily routines. For all of the flighty jokes, you actually know how to lock in when there’s something worth learning and sharing. Your professional life may take an unexpected turn when Jupiter continues backing up into Pisces. Your energy levels will shift when Mars goes retrograde at the end of the month. Use this time wisely to harness what you’re saying, thinking, and doing. Sometimes being too random can cost you the security you secretly desire.


Getting in tune with your mind and what it has to share is how your month begins. The power dynamics in your relationships are transforming, and soon you’ll need to bring the truth of who you’ve worked hard to be into the light. The tension between your personal and professional life is up for review under the full moon. How did your upbringing (not) prepare you for the real world? What bonds do you want to cultivate moving forward?

Speaking of which, Saturn stationing direct may help you release any stagnant thoughts or energy in your closest relationships. Where have you been afraid to innovate in your bonds? Maybe it’s time to refresh your inner circle based on who you are now instead of who you’ve been.

Connecting with a new group might help you discover a deeper level of pleasure in your creative pursuits when Scorpio season comes through. You might find yourself feeling more festive for October, so celebrate and don’t hold back on the looks — there’s power in the presentation. Mars going retrograde in Gemini can help clear some of those things unspoken and unexpressed cobwebs in your mind. Where has communication been aggravating for you? How do you want to get your message across moving forward?


If you’ve felt out of sorts since your season, this month starts with a slight reprieve with Mercury helping you find clarity about what the new you has to offer. Your daily life is wildly changing and it’s important to remember your commitments when you make those to-do lists. The full moon highlights a need to recalibrate your stance as a student and a teacher. If you have any creative projects you can’t stop thinking about, this is the time to get busy writing and studying.

You could feel another growing pain as Saturn goes direct. Get clear on who and what you want to build a partnership with. No need to be locked into anything that’s inauthentic. The deeper truth will rise to the surface when the Sun, Venus, and new moon get into Scorpio. Your family, parental figures, and childhood could use another look under these skies. What needs to be removed from your past to ensure a brighter future? Are you ready to level up and let go of your burdens? 

New opportunities to explore intimacy, spirituality, and fantasy await when Jupiter backs into Pisces. What is it that makes you want to remain connected to someone? You’ll have the chance to find your answers when Mars goes retrograde. Your network is in need of an adjustment and this is the time to make additions and cuts. Bond with those you can speak freely with and share ideas. Be mindful of only dealing with yes-people.


Clarity is yours as your ruler Mercury goes direct, clearing up any confusion that ensued during your birthday season. Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of adopting a new look or rebranding yourself. Don’t be afraid to transform yourself for your own pleasure and power. The full moon seeks to remind you of where your energy comes from and what’s worthy of its use. Are you as available to give as you think? Check the numbers. 

A direct Saturn for you means a new standard and discipline for how you take care of your health and handle your daily work. How do you want to commit to spending your days? Who do you want around? Your finances get a boost at the tail end of Libra season, so keep your wits about you while you socialize. 

The Scorpio new moon, plus Venus and the Sun, can give you insight on those near and dear to you. Reconnect with your neighbors and siblings, blood or chosen. You’re selective about your close company and if you want to reap some of Jupiter’s blessings (despite being retrograde), start being real about what you truly want out of your interactions. No need to please a soul but your own. Don’t let your anger at work get the best of you. Use the new moon as a fresh start to changing the way you share what bothers you. The devil isn’t in the details, it’s in your silence. 

Ashleigh D. Jay is a Chicago-born and based astrologer, writer, and commercial real estate broker focused on sports and entertainment. Previously, she has written for Businessweek and ZORA, a Medium publication. In case you’re wondering, she’s an Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising. You can find her at @ashleighdjay on Instagram and LinkedIn.