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Netflix releases trailer for ‘The Get Down’

New musical drama, directed by Baz Luhrmann and executive-produced by Nas, will be released worldwide on Aug. 12

On Monday morning, Netflix released the trailer for The Get Down, a new musical drama series by director Baz Luhrmann and executive producer Nas. The 2 1/2-minute clip heavily featured Justice Smith and Herizen Guardiola, two lovestruck teenagers trying to make it out of the South Bronx, New York, with their music.

The opening scene shows Smith walking through a dilapidated New York City, and wooing Guardiola with his rhymes. Smith’s conflict is the expectation his mother and others have for him, while his hope is to scratch some records and rap with his group of friends. Guardiola is shown having a disagreement with her father about not being able to sing disco, and a few scenes later is shown taking off her choir robe, revealing her flashy disco dress.

Netflix will release the first six episodes of the opening season on Aug. 12. The 13-episode series will take viewers through the early days of hip-hop’s conception in New York City. Based in 1977, The Get Down will cover the rise of punk and disco through the experiences of these young artists. The Get Down cast includes Giancarlo Esposito, Shameik Moore, Jaden Smith, Jimmy Smits and a host of newcomers. Rapper Daveed Diggs will narrate the series with rhymes penned by Nas.

Rhiannon Walker is an associate editor at The Undefeated. She is a drinker of Sassy Cow Creamery chocolate milk, an owner of an extensive Disney VHS collection, and she might have a heart attack if Frank Ocean doesn't drop his second album.