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Meet the ‘Serena Williams of skateboarding’

espnW: Samarria Brevard is taking the X Games by storm

Samarria Brevard was the first African-American female skateboarder to win a World Championship Kimberley Diamond Cup in 2014. While some call her the Serena Williams of skateboarding, she downplays the comparison to the world’s top women’s tennis player. “It’s a different sport,” she said.

The 22-year-old’s skateboarding aspirations started nine years ago. Brevard was outside her family’s California home, dribbling and shooting a basketball with friends, when she noticed her brother and his pals jumping on a skateboard.

“Let me try,” she said to them. “They handed me the board and I hopped on it.” Her brother and his friends noticed her natural aptitude for the skateboard. “I was pretty stable,” she explained, using an action-sports term that describes a skateboarder’s skills. After instantly falling in love with the sport, she decided to learn the basics of skateboarding and transitioned to trying difficult tricks.

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