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Let’s talk Ryan Lochte

A 32-year-old ‘kid’?

Now if you’ve been paying attention to the Olympics, you are familiar with #LochteGate … Unfortunately, Watergate has been taken already.

But the fact that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s mugging lie has now come to light, the International Olympic Committee has to be mad at Lochte right?

Well …

The 32-year-old Lochte is a kid? At 32, it’s normal for you to have multiple kids, a wife and a mortgage among other things. Kids don’t have those things. At 32, you can drive said multiple kids to school while you’re out in the world doing basically anything else … not being a kid.

It seems Twitter is just as shocked at this revelation as we are.

Wait … this narrative is not adding up at all.

We truly live in an age in which Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas can get criticized for hand placement, but Lochte’s behavior can get excused as a kid just having fun. Tragic.

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