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Kevin Durant can’t escape #TheBasedGodCurse

Lil B won’t let Durant win until he gets his one-on-one game

Kevin Durant’s career hasn’t been the same since Jan. 29, 2011.

It wasn’t because he lost in the 2012 NBA Finals. It wasn’t because he got seriously injured like the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose or the Golden State Warriors’ Shaun Livingston. It’s because he did the unfathomable.

He called Lil B a wack rapper.

(*Starts doing the cooking dance to avoid being cursed by association*)

The turmoil officially started when Durant tried to listen to the legendary Lil B and the unthinkable happened … he didn’t like it.

These 98 characters spurred on The Based God’s rage.

Does it stop there? Not even close.

Durant accepted the challenge.

A couple of weeks pass …

More weeks pass …

Until finally Lil B snaps.

The only way to break the curse?

Since then Durant hasn’t been the same, even when Lil B tweeted this in 2012.

It seemed that all was well and good, until The Based God lost his patience.

Then he released the song F— KD on March 8, 2014.

“You said that I’m wack, see me on the court,” he says in the song. “Score on me if you talking ’bout points.”

It looked like Durant could indeed fight through and break the curse when the Thunder took a 3-1 series lead over the Golden State Warriors in this year’s Western Conference finals.

Then the Thunder proceeded to lose Games 5, 6 and 7, proving once again that #TheBasedGodCurse is real and picking up believers left and right.

Monday night’s Game 7 loss spurred many tweets acknowledging the curse …

And begging for help and forgiveness.


Will Kevin Durant ever play Lil B in one-on-one? Who knows. What we do know is that this curse doesn’t seem to be going away until Lil B and KD go face-to-face.

Please, Lil B, don’t curse me by association.

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