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Kelly Oubre Jr. vs. Kelly Olynyk: In the battle of the Kellys, Twitter stood by Oubre Jr.

A Game 3 ejection earned the young Washington Wizards forward some cred in these social media streets

The Boston Celtics hate the Washington Wizards, and the Washington Wizards hate the Boston Celtics. It’s an animosity that’s been bubbling all season long between the teams, sparked by the on-court confrontations between individual players.

First, during the regular season, Wizards point guard John Wall got into it with Celtics guard Marcus Smart. Two months later, Wall and Jae Crowder developed beef after an exchange of words led the Celtics small forward to stick his finger in the four-time All-Star’s face. In Game 2 of their ongoing Eastern Conference semifinal series, Wizards power forward Markieff Morris threw Celtics center Al Horford to the floor.

None of these altercations, however, hold a candle to the skirmish that unfolded during the Wizards’ 116-89 Game 3 win, which ended in a combined eight technical fouls and three ejections. In the second quarter, Kelly Olynyk set a brutal screen on Kelly Oubre Jr. — a hard shoulder to the chin dropped the second-year Wizards forward to the floor. A furious Oubre Jr. quickly rose, bum-rushed the Celtics big man and straight-up decked him to the hardwood.

Oubre Jr. was assessed a flagrant foul 2 and ejected from the game. After the spat, “Kelly Oubre” became the No. 1 trending topic in the country on Twitter. And while Oubre Jr. was the ultimate aggressor, most of the tweets that flooded timelines were in full support of his clapback (or smackback, if you will).

Here are the best reactions to the battle of the Kellys.


Oubre Jr. became a cyber hero across the nation — except in one city, that is.

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