Your January 2023 Andscape Horoscope

The new year is here. See what the stars have in store for you this month

Welcome to 2023! The new year tends to bring on the stress of choosing the perfect resolution and dedicating ourselves to achieving perfection. This January, we learn to leave perfection in the past and adjust our expectations for the future. Coming into the month, we’re still dealing with Mercury Retrograde (in Capricorn) and learning to identify the bones of what we’ve established.

On the 2nd, Venus enters Aquarius and fixates our feelings on the ideal way to connect with others. Friendship, freedom, and working toward a cause are the most important things right now. While Venus craves freedom, Saturn is at home in Aquarius and eager to brainstorm a new way to do love and finance. Aquarius wants the freedom to be themselves in a union — is that something you want?

Continuing the balancing act of feelings, is the Cancer full moon on the 6th. Considering the profound emotional changes happening in our world, it’s helpful to know when to rest and when to act. Are you in tune with the kind of nurturing you need? Are you hungry for new forms of nourishment? Whose responsibility is it to feed you new things? 

On the 12th, Mars goes direct after being retrograde since October. Repetition has likely become a close friend as we’ve had to tackle Mars seemingly moving backwards and doubling up our work. Tasks and words will begin to pick up speed and require more focus as Mars pushes into Gemini. 

Mercury goes direct on the 16th, adding more relief to the mix. As our energy levels stabilize, we can think more clearly and with much less pressure. All of those grand ideas and concepts we’ve spoken of are set to be put into action. Give yourself a few weeks for Mercury to fully clear its shadow before going too far with those new plans, but it’s definitely time to get down to business.

A time of reckoning begins on the 20th when the sun enters Aquarius. Saturn being in Aquarius provides the purest form of that energy. A big question is what are you doing with your free will? How are you shaping your life and social circle via your decisions? Who really lights you up and makes you feel electric? We only have a moment to answer before the Aquarius new moon on the 21st and we have a clean slate when it comes to discerning the difference between an acquaintance, a colleague, and a friend. 

Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, goes direct on the 22nd, which sends a current of change through us. As the digital and physical landscape shifts beneath us, are we willing to adopt a new value system? Are you willing to be the stability in the midst of chaos? 

On the 26th, Venus enters Pisces and activates the waters. Venus loves being in Pisces so take advantage of the feeling of being immersed in love, spirituality, and creativity. We may find ourselves attracted to those who give us transcendent experiences. But be mindful of those you only contact when there are substances involved. Things are moving forward but we still need to be careful with the energies we accept and consume.

  • 1/2 – Venus enters Aquarius
  • 1/6 – Cancer Full Moon
  • 1/12 – Mars Direct in Gemini
  • 1/14 – Last Quarter Moon in Libra
  • 1/18 – Mercury Direct in Capricorn
  • 1/20 – Sun enters Aquarius
  • 1/21 – Aquarius New Moon
  • 1/22 – Uranus Direct in Taurus
  • 1/26 – Venus enters Pisces
  • 1/28 – First Quarter Moon in Taurus


Happy birthday, Capricorn! This season is one for the books as you become more aware of your value and your needs. You’re feeling yourself and rightfully so. Take stock of what you’ve done in 2022 and decide what you’re willing to do for what you want next. 

Whether you are single or taken, the full moon can illuminate where your feelings have grown, changed, or evolved for your partnerships. What do you need from your bonds deep down? Just as your daily schedule picks back up, you begin to put your priorities in place when Mercury goes direct in your sign. 

After the new moon helps you perceive your resources with a fresh perspective. What does it take to give you that romantic feeling nowadays? Perhaps it’s different, but maybe you’ll find out the more you socialize.


You can usually be a little lethargic as the year begins, but this January you’re energized and ready to devote more to yourself. A huge part of looking good is feeling good, so use Venus being in your sign, as well as the full moon, to develop a wellness plan. 

Mars going direct will help you inject some fun into your schedule along with mental stimulation. It’s easy for you to get caught up in the causes and people you serve, which is why it’s important for you to take care of yourself in every way. Mercury being direct will help you figure out what you need deep down.

Your new moon is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Use Saturn to solidify the good things and create new boundaries for the negative. Once you get clear on your new mission to show up for yourself first, Venus enters Pisces and blesses you with currency and confidence.


It’s difficult to come out of hiding when you’re comfortable staying locked away. At a certain point you have to ask, what or who am I hiding from? The full moon can help you let go of any unnecessary fear you may have around the fruits of your love or labor.

Speaking of labor, your efforts to feather your nest and understand your roots will move forward after the 12th. You often focus on the feelings that feel good; now it’s time to assess the ones you’d rather leave to deeper waters.

The new moon provides you a clean slate to deal with the secrets. You’d rather forget about. What emotions and beliefs have overstay their welcome? As you find fresh value in traveling the neighborhood/region you live in, you’ll discover several chances to showcase your beauty, compassion, creativity, and sense of self.


Your social life picks up again as Venus enters Aquarius. Connect with like-minded and like-spirited people who want to see you prosper. Don’t forget to share your innovative ideas with those you trust. 

That said, trust becomes more important when the full moon arrives. When it comes to your family and upbringing, who do you feel safe? If you’ve been struggling to express yourself, Mars going direct will help you speak and think more clearly.

Saturn and the new moon continue to provide clarity about your hopes, wishes, and goals. This is also a chance to revamp the way you view friendship. Who do you want to celebrate with when you win? And who do you know will have your back when you don’t? When Venus enters Pisces, you will have a better understanding of what you’re really doing this for.


Determining your place in the world becomes extremely important as January begins. Your ruler, Venus, is in a space where she wants to establish you in a new way. The full moon can help you clear any communication cobwebs you may have with siblings, relatives, and colleagues.

If you feel like it’s been difficult to get a handle on your finances, Mars going direct will help you sort through any confusion. You may also consider changing jobs or professions. What would it look like if your pay was aligned with the professional respect you’ve earned? 

Thanks to Uranus being in Taurus, you’ve been undergoing serious shifts for the last several years. Now that you are new and improved, are you going to allow yourself the opportunity to want something new? When Venus goes into Pisces, you’ll be surrounded by new characters and able to dream bigger, and better, than ever before.


These days, you may find yourself attracted to people who value learning and innovation. If there’s a topic you want to study, make it so. The full moon can help you determine what’s truly valuable to you as a person and a professional. Let go of insecurities around your emotional depth and own what you care about. 

When Mars goes direct in your sign on the 12th, it can help you regain energy and reduce confusion about how you want to proceed. This is a good time to start a new exercise regimen to something that reduces anxiety and supports your spiritual growth.

The new moon can offer a fresh start for you to rebuild your entire belief system. The last several years have changed you and it’s time for you to decide what concepts you want to keep or toss. Pay attention to who you meet on your journey, because they may be the same people who help take your career to the next level.


January opens with you seeking a new way to engage with your dearest ones. Venus in Aquarius isn’t known for being easily expressive and Saturn isn’t helping either. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

Your full moon echoes the message, what do you need to feel free and safe to be yourself? What do your partners need to feel the same? Any hidden irritations will come to light once Mars goes direct. It can be difficult to verbalize certain feelings, that’s why Mercury going direct will help you add meat to the bones of important conversations. 

The new moon offers a chance to redefine what intimacy and sharing means to you. Check in with yourself and think about if your dreams and goals have evolved. Venus entering Pisces will help you gain clarity and ease around your spirituality and vision for your life.


Relationships and commitment weigh heavily on your heart these days. It’s easy to remain comfortable in one’s pride, but you could be reaching a point where you’re ready to attract or build the connection you seek. The full moon can help you release any blockages around accessing your emotions.

Don’t worry about losing your social life to a relationship — Mars goes direct on the 12th and activates your network. You may find that you have more time to devote to a sweetheart once you cut the fluff from the guest list. 

Your ruler, the sun, enters Aquarius, followed by a new moon that wants to give you a new vibration and mindset about partnering up. It’s difficult to rule without anyone by your side. Think about what it is you want to do with your boo on a day-to-day basis and be ready to share it with them.


Your days have been filled with work and more work, but now it’s time to have a little more fun. Venus in Aquarius wants to make your schedule more pleasurable. Pay attention to the eccentric characters that jump out at you. The full moon will help you make changes to your acquaintances and solidify creative ideas that once were lost.

Work and the attention you receive from it picks up when Mars goes direct. You may find that the more effort you put in, the more you begin to realize you enjoy being respected for your efforts. 

The new moon can help you set an intention for a daily lifestyle that makes you feel like a genius. What do you need to see manifest in your life in order to feel like you’ve accomplished something? You’ll be in the mood to celebrate with others when Venus enters Pisces and launches you back into the dating and/or professional scene.


As the year begins, how much of a value do you place on enjoying yourself? Usually, this wouldn’t be asked of you, of all people, but Saturn has been disturbing your groove for awhile and it’s time for you to find a new song. The full moon is happy to help you release any old ideas of how you show up in the world.

The urge to study and expand your mind is real when Mars goes direct. Don’t forget to check in with your family and get an idea of your place within it. With Mercury going direct, you may receive news about a parental figure that changes your perspective on your life. 

The new moon is providing an opportunity for you to get acquainted with who you are as an artist. Doing your own thing is more necessary to your creative process than you realize. Devote more time daily to music, art, film, meditation, spirituality, etc.


This month you are looking to feel better about your upbringing and parental figures. If you’re searching for love or a lead, your family may be a great place to start. The full moon wants to help you let go of beliefs that keep you silent and stagnant. 

If you have been feeling out of sorts, Mars going direct, will help you get back in alignment. True intimacy, for you, is navigating between what is said and unsaid. What is it about communication that intrigues or frightens you? Mercury being direct can help you sort that out.

The new moon wants to help you tell a new story about your roots and discover where the innovation lies within your lineage. You may also have the urge to move someone into your home or take steps toward sharing a space. If that feels too aggressive for you, Venus in Pisces can help you recover that flirty, romantic feeling by helping you get ready to date again.


If you’re looking to meet new people, you’ll find them in your neighborhood or while hanging with relatives or siblings. You may also be interested in sharing your ideas. Not that you need permission, but the more you express yourself the better. 

The full moon wants to illuminate where your bones could use a bit more tenderness. How do you envision the vibe between you and a loved one when you connect? Mars going direct can help you see what role you play in the relationship.

The new moon wants to help you continue learning and speaking your truth. If you have a writing or learning project you need to focus on, this is a great time to set an intention for longevity and completion. Less talk, more writing.

Ashleigh D. Jay is a Chicago-born and based astrologer, writer, and commercial real estate broker focused on sports and entertainment. Previously, she has written for Businessweek and ZORA, a Medium publication. In case you’re wondering, she’s an Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising. You can find her at @ashleighdjay on Instagram and LinkedIn.