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‘Insecure’ recap: Issa builds her roster, Lawrence sulks, and Molly’s uncomfortable truths

All this, and a ‘pastor’s body‘ still somehow wins the night

Season 2, Episode 5 | “Hella Shook” | Aug. 20

If Issa’s stacking the deck, give her her props: She’s stacking the deck. Eddy The Neighbor is in her “hoetation” and now requesting Snapchat videos — and you know how messy those get! Issa getting caught in the bathroom while attempting to send him a nude is such an Issa move — considering there was a stall for privacy exactly 3 feet behind her. The newest member of her team is another guy she met on Tinder. I’m not exactly sure how he’ll come back in the picture, but that date went a little too swimmingly (for Issa) for it not to come back and blow up in her face.

And speaking of pics, who sent the “members only” pic that caused Issa to rear-end another car? On second thought, never mind, I don’t even want to know. Daniel, of course, arrives to save the day; he picks her up from the scene because Daniel and Issa are a thing again this season. Only thing is, Daniel once again appears to be more heavily invested in the situation than Issa is. She knows it. He knows it. It hasn’t come to a head yet, but it will.

Unbeknownst to Issa or Daniel at the time, the cat is now out of the bag. Lawrence finds out that the two forbidden fruits are seeing each other once again the way most great mysteries are cracked or stumbled upon these days: social media. If it’s one thing this era has taught us, it’s this: The selfies always tell the story.

This, as one would expect, sends Lawrence into a tailspin. And while we’re here, now is as good a time as ever to have a conversation about Lawrence. He sucks at being single. Sleeping with Tasha was a diversion from how much he missed Issa to begin with. The threesome with the two white chicks last week was a Band-Aid on a wound that hasn’t stopped bleeding since he moved out of Issa’s spot. The only time he’s ever truly dealt with the pain chasing him is in his own head — the worst place to be. There was an intriguing social media post floating around last week about how everything Lawrence does is reactionary, or what he thinks the masculine response to everything should be. And how a lot of men, admittedly or not, experience the same growing pains and allow them to haunt them well into adulthood. How accurate it all is depends on where a person is in life.

The conversation with his boy Derek was one Lawrence needed to hear, even if he didn’t want to. It’s been building. During several stages of their relationship, Lawrence wasn’t pulling his end with Issa. Those are facts. It doesn’t matter how good of a guy Lawrence is — and at his core, he really is — Lawrence lost who he loved trying to find what he loved.

An older man told me a long time ago that timing is one of the hardest parts about life and relationships. When it comes to love, some people get the who. Some people get the what. Very, very few get both. And the idea of possibly never having the beautiful feeling of “ideal timing” (when your personal and professional interests align) is scary. A lot of people are probably experiencing that as we speak. I know I am.

Speaking of love, Molly’s having a hard time figuring out what it actually means. After starting the episode off in the Chicago office — which, by now, all but solidifies she’ll at least be offered a job in the Windy City later in the season — Molly’s back in Los Angeles confronting the elephant in the room with Dro. She can’t get with the “open marriage” lifestyle. Dro understands, plays his role and goes back to being just the homey from the block who her entire family loves.

Meanwhile, Lionel (Sterling K. Brown) returns to the fold as Molly’s date, if that’s what you want to call it, for her parents’ renewal of vows. Dro is invited and, for the most part, plays the cut. But Lionel is intimidated. It’s written all over his face and actions. The most uncomfortable scene of the episode is when he places his arm around Molly after being introduced to Dro (Lionel went for hand on the shoulder. Party foul No. 1). Molly’s brother later pulls her to the side to give his two cents: Lionel’s a cornball, and he can tell she’s not really into him like that.

“Just ’cause you meet some good guy don’t mean it’s gonna end up like Mom and Dad. Ain’t no rules to this s—,” he warns Molly. Much like Lawrence’s conversation with Derek, Molly didn’t want to hear that from her brother. But the truth is the truth.

If Molly wasn’t ready for that truth about her dating life, she for sure wasn’t ready to learn her father once cheated on her mom. And again, like Lawrence, this sends her into a tailspin as she bolts out of the ceremony. How Lionel allowed Dro to run after Molly and console her is beyond me. We all know where this is headed, and it leads directly into Molly and Dro sleeping together at her apartment. So, yes, for those keeping score at home, Molly, upset at her father for once cheating on her mom, closes the episode sleeping with a married man.

Just imagine how fun it’s going to be when we all find out Dro isn’t really in an “open marriage.”

Bonus: Issa’s work relationship with Frieda hasn’t boiled over yet. But it will, and it’s going to cause Issa to do some serious soul-searching. Because, let’s be honest, Frieda isn’t wrong in this situation.

Double Bonus: Salute to all the fire shirts once again from the Kobe Bryant-inspired “Mr. 81” black tee, to Molly’s Public Enemy tee and Daniel’s Geto Boys hoodie.

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