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2018 Summer League

If you made this Summer League team, you got posterized

The top 10 embarrassing in-your-face dunks by the league’s young guns

During the mid-1990s, NBA Hall of Famer Alonzo Mourning was asked about getting dunked on by Michael Jordan. His response?

“Either you gone block the shot or get dunked on.”

Yeah, speak for yourself, Zo. In our 29 combined years of playing basketball, we’ve never been dunked on. Not once. You know why? Given the choice between our pride or contesting someone driving down the lane, nine times out of 10, we’re choosing our pride.

Of course, we have never played in the NBA, where the stakes are a lot higher. Any given night you can end up on a poster. To make matters worse, analysts and coaches love to surgically pick apart a player’s game. Not contesting a shot can trigger criticism that will eventually affect a player’s pockets.

Luckily, we get paid to analyze rather than put the ball in the basket.

Sometimes getting dunked on isn’t your fault. Often, players are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is such a thing as being out of position. But some players (see: Kendrick Perkins or Pau Gasol) have made a career out of getting baptized. Time and again, we see players overestimating their own athleticism and eventually paying the price. It is these players whom we urge to make better decisions.

With all that in mind, we put together the 2018 NBA Summer League All-Baptismal first and second team.

We’re not talking the baby rim-grazers. We’re talking about the dunks that will give you chills. The dunks where you felt compelled to call the unlucky victim’s family, dunks that would resurrect John the Baptist.

Without further ado, the All-Baptismal team:

C. Isaiah Smalls, II is a Rhoden Fellow and a graduate of Morehouse College from Lansing, Michigan. He studied Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies. He was Editor-in-Chief of The Maroon Tiger.

Donovan Dooley is a former Rhoden Fellow and a multimedia journalism major from Tuscaloosa, AL. He attends North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University.