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“1927: The Diary of Myles Thomas”

The Undefeated

“1927: The Diary of Myles Thomas” is an experiment in storytelling, the core of which is a diary of a pitcher on the 1927 Yankees. Though no “real” diary exists, our historical fiction is based on factual research and chronicles baseball immortals, jazz pioneers, Prohibition, bootleggers and gamblers, as well as race, sex, morality and the meaning of heroes. True to the era, the diary will occasionally include mature language and subject matter.

The train ride from Philadelphia to New York takes just under two hours. It’s just long enough to have a slow drink, a leisurely dinner, and a couple of hands of gin as we wait for the special to pull into New York’s Pennsylvania station.

Tonight everyone is in swell spirits, as we just kicked the teeth out of the Athletics, winning four of the last four games of our five game series 6–5, 10–3, 18–5 and 2–1. Monday’s Memorial Day doubleheader drew a two-game total of over 80,000 in Shibe Park, which we’ve been told is the largest ever in Philly. The atmosphere at the ballpark was a circus. Fans were sitting on the walls, hanging from trees, watching from the rooftops across the street, overflowing the stands and lining parts of the field.

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