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Happy NBA2K day, y’all

America’s best basketball game is back

The day has come.

It is finally here.

The best day on the calendar.

NBA 2K17 day.

My copy of the game is in the mail as I type this. I just want to thank 2K for being around and having our backs ever since NBA Live tripped itself up by experimenting too much.

This game is going to be even more realistic than the others. Just peep this intense trailer.

If you’re not hyped after that trailer, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Here’s my favorite new part of the game: They are adding even more commentary. Chris Webber, Steve Smith, David Aldridge and Brent Barry are among the new additions to 2K. It will be lit.

For this edition of MyCareer mode, you get to be on a team with Michael Jordan. Let me clarify: It’s Michael B. Jordan, the actor in Creed. Yeah, and Hannibal Buress shows up too.

2k is life. 2k season is among us.



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