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O.J.:Made In America

Falling down the O.J. rabbit hole

Wading into the conspiracy theories surrounding the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murders

“I don’t want to watch this.”

That’s what my father said when I told him that ESPN was airing a five-part 30-for-30 series, “O.J.: Made In America,” that would rehash and reveal all aspects of OJ trial in great detail. I asked him why he wasn’t interested in watching. His response?

“Because I’ve lived through it.”

I can’t relate. I’m 20 years old. I wasn’t even born during this trial.

But I’ve always been somewhat curious about the “Trial of the Century.” One of my jobs here at The Undefeated has been cutting up video of the documentary for use on our social platforms. The details I’ve learned have been shocking. I’ve also learned a lot about what was going on in the country and Los Angeles, at the time, and the racial issues involved. But word around the office from my older co-workers was that there were all kinds of different conspiracy theories and myths surrounding the trial and the verdict.

So I waited until prime conspiracy theory research time (1-4 a.m.), did some digging and man-oh-man we got some theories. I went down an O.J. rabbit-hole.

You ready? Good.

O.J.’s Son Actually Did It

In William Dear’s book “O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It,” he makes it known that there was some evidence that, in fact, pointed to Simpson’s son Jason. This is one of the more popular theories. According to Bustle, however, I read that Jason is said to have had an alibi and was not deemed a suspect in the case.

Then I kept searching. Theunredacted.com goes deep into the Jason Theory — suggesting that Dear is said to have some diary entries that were allegedly written by Jason. In that article, the diary includes this passage:

“It’s the year of the knife for me. I cut away my problems with a knife. Anybody touches my friends — I will kill them. I’m also tired of being Dr. Jekyll [and] Mr. Hyde.”

My questions: What about all the DNA? Why would Jason be at the scene?

So then I searched “OJ conspiracy theories” in YouTube. Which led me to this…

O.J. Simpson May Have Been Suffering From CTE

A new BuzzfeedBlue video has posed the theory that Simpson has actually been suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). With the amount of NFL deaths that have recently been correlated to CTE, there’s a lot of research out there. After a little searching, I found some info analyzing the correlation between former NFL players and CTE.

On Boston University’s CTE Center FAQ page, I learned the following about CTE symptoms:

The brain degeneration is associated with common symptoms of CTE including memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, suicidality, parkinsonism, and eventually progressive dementia. These symptoms often begin years, or even decades after the last brain trauma or end of active athletic involvement.

Some of the symptoms match a lot of Simpson’s erratic and two-faced behavior. I think this could actually be a very interesting twist in the case and how people look at some (but, not all) of Simpson’s behavior. This, however, can only be proven after he’s dead.

Circling back to the Bustle article, I came across another theory that sent me further down the hole…

O.J. Hired a Serial Killer

I had never heard of the serial killer Glen Rogers, but some think that O.J. hired him to murder Nicole Simpson. An article on RadarOnline.com suggests that Rogers has come forward and admitted to committing the murders (although he also admitted to murdering as many as 70 people and then recanted it as a joke).

This theory is supported by Rogers’ own brother, Clay, who says “I’m absolutely certain that my brother Glen killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman,” in the documentary My Brother The Serial Killer.

My questions: Not to be glib, but, how does one hire a serial killer? Think about that for a second. And weren’t the victims’ blood in O.J.’s Bronco? What about all of the evidence?

It’s past people’s bedtime in California and I’m still up in Maryland falling deeper into the hole…

Nicole Simpson Was Murdered By the Columbian Drug Cartel

This one has plenty of skeptics.



This 1995 New York Times article documenting the trial states that defense attorney Johnnie Cochran suggested this:

“Mr. Cochran suggested that the very brutality of the killings indicated that the perpetrators were drug dealers out to collect a debt, and that the real target was Faye Resnick, who was living with Mrs. Simpson, and taking drugs, around the same time.”

As many have said, “Dead men don’t repay debts… Injured men do” This sounds like a whack motive.

An even whacker theory?

Aryan Cult?

Before I started to get sleepy, the last theory I saw was that an Aryan Cult tried to frame O.J. A 2014 Heavy article refers to the book “Blood Oath: The Conspiracy to Murder Nicole Brown-Simpson” and how some Aryans sought to frame O.J. to expose problems within the American judicial system.


White supremacists murder two white people and frame a famous black athlete to expose the fraudulent American judicial system? How does that work? And…”why, tho?”

These conspiracies are all entertaining to varying degrees, but it’s hard to go against all of the forensic evidence that was pinned against Simpson. He also had no alibi and a history of domestic violence against Nicole. This was a staple case for how not to handle forensic evidence.

I could have continued down the hole… but I looked at the clock, saw it was 5 a.m. and thought to myself, ‘Maybe some other time.’

Which one do you believe?

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