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The best and worst of the Drive-by Dunk Challenge

Jaylen Brown’s steal and slam wins in the category of disrespect

A new basketball trend has taken over the internet, and social media has been clowning over the “Drive-by Dunk Challenge.” The challenge has people driving around and stopping to dunk on a hoop outside someone’s home.

With the end of NBA summer league, some of the game’s most notable names have accepted the challenge. So we decided to rank their dunk-and-ditch performances based on athleticism, creativity and just straight disrespectfulness.

Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari was our worst performer. While the 58-year-old gave a valiant effort, it was obvious that Coach Cal is past his prime. Yet, there’s a silver lining for Coach: It will probably help him with his next recruiting class.

Anthony Davis, an All-Star forward for the New Orleans Pelicans, ended up second to last in our dunk challenge ranking. While the 6-foot-11 All-NBA first-teamer completed his dunk and ditch, his style and creativity were nonexistent.

Sacramento Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox put on a nice show for his Instagram followers. The fifth overall pick in the 2017 draft showed his athleticism and creativity by performing three high-difficulty dunks: one between-the-legs dunk and a couple of powerful windmills.

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The best was by Jaylen Brown, a second-year standout for the Boston Celtics, who threw down one of the best dunks in summer league history. It embodies what it means to disrespect someone on his home turf. Brown steals the ball from a couple of unsuspecting people shooting around, just puts them to shame with a one-handed hammer and takes off in his vehicle.

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