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Caleb Green reads 100 books in one day while parents stream it on Facebook

A passion for learning prompts the 4-year-old to turn a snow day into a goal day

Caleb Green is all about goal-setting, and he’s only 4 years old. When the young Chicago resident told his parents during a snow-filled weekend that he wanted to read 100 books in one day, his father, Sylus Green, felt it was a little ambitious and tried to talk the number down. But Caleb was set on 100.

Caleb and his parents set out on a hunt throughout the home Dec. 9 to gather reading material, but they did not have 100 books. Family and friends pitched in until they met the book number, and Caleb’s book marathon was born.

His father, Sylus, posted on Facebook that he’d read nine books the night before and he wanted to increase that number by 10 times more.

“One hundred is a LOT of books, son, do you know how long it will take?” Sylus Green wrote.

Caleb replied, “Yes. I want to read 100.”

“I like to read, and I want to read some more like my sister,” Caleb told ABC7 News.

The Greens began to livestream Caleb’s quest on Facebook, and Caleb finished with a victory dance after every 10 books read. The hashtag #CalebReads100 inspired thousands of viewers to tune in. Three videos and more than eight hours later, Caleb’s challenge to himself and his family was a wrap.

Sylus Green said people who didn’t have Facebook accounts signed up just to witness Caleb’s victory and encourage him throughout the day. He told ABC 7 he is inspired by Caleb and his tenacity had encouraged him to set goals of his own.

“I learned to just dream bigger, and I am going to set unrealistic goals for myself this coming year, and I’m going to be inspired by Caleb to not quit on him and just push through it,” Green said.

Caleb’s goals include becoming an astronaut when he’s 22 and a Ninja Turtle at 23. His favorite books are about Ninja Turtles.

When Caleb reached book No. 84, he sat in his mother’s lap while his father livestreamed the final stretch.

“Our superhero/dancing machine is finishing strong he is on book 84!!! Join us for the last 10 as we count down!!! #calebreads100#Brijchicago #Loveblack,” Sylus Green posted.

Kelley Evans is a digital producer at Andscape. She is a food passionista, helicopter mom and an unapologetic Southerner who spends every night with the cast of The Young and the Restless by way of her couch.