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Black Twitter goes all in on foolishness around ‘Hidden Fences’

There’s no other group on earth that knows how to turn lemons into sweet, hilarious lemonade

Moments before the live broadcast of the Golden Globes on Sunday night — and mere days after the Yahoo Finance naval mishap — Today show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager made a faux pas when she asked musician Pharrell about his feelings on being nominated for the movie “Hidden Fences.” The only problem is that “Hidden Fences” is not a real flick. The daughter of former President George W. Bush accidentally combined the titles of critically acclaimed black-led films Hidden Figures and Fences.


If you’ve learned anything about Twitter over the past 10 years, you knew the jokes were on their way. Users took Hager’s flub and decided to make their own fabricated titles, remixing some of black cinemas most popular and iconic movies. So with that being said, we run down some of the best #HiddenFences tweets from Sunday night, assigning scores on a 10-point scale, using a scientific criteria based on how we feel.

Immediately thought of actress Gabrielle Union’s iconic monologue from 2000’s inexplicably snubbed Bring It On when reading this: “I know you didn’t think a white girl made that s— up.” Also, any Garcelle Beauvais reference automatically nets a perfect rating. Score: 10/10

Rough Photoshop work here, but we like the effort. Also would have accepted Welcome to Atlanta with a Jermaine Dupri face-swap and “lemon pepper wet” replacing the gold chains. Score: 8/10

Never heard of The Night Manager before Sunday night, and then Tom Hiddleston went all Bono and made the South Sudanese Civil War about his ability to remember lines. Loki had scored some points for dropping what’s her face … wait, what were we talking about? Black women GIFs always hit our soft spot, though. Score: 9/10

This Think Like a Maninspired tweet was also good. This tweeter went the extra mile and added a third movie at the end, which just so happened to have one of the greatest movie soundtracks in history. For Whitney Houston alone, this gets our stamp of approval. Score: 9/10

The “based on the novel Push by Sapphire” joke will never get old, but at the same time that movie was directed by Lee Daniels, whose had a rough couple of weeks. Also, Will Smith’s hairline is more spherical than straight here, so we’re docking some points. Score: 6/10


Pop culture critic Touré once called The Help visual waterboarding,” which is a roasting that’s seared in our minds until the end of time. Anyway, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are national treasures, and this movie title represents how that movie should have ended. Score: 10/10

Another Daniels production. The protagonist of The Butler actually served in the White House for nearly four decades. That has nothing to do with anything, but we thought we’d share it nonetheless. 12 Years a Slave did give us Lupita Nyong’o and our last sign of hope before 2015’s #OscarsSoWhite debacle, so bonus points. Score: 8/10

At first, this was a “no for me, dawg,” but then you remember that Shonda Rhimes owns Thursday nights on ABC, and these shows are back to back and probably get confused from time to time, like Hidden Figures and Fences. It’s probably the most meta tweet of the night. Score: 10/10

You could’ve told us Tyrese tweeted this, and we would have believed you. Score: 9/10

This is just perfect. Also would have accepted The Color Purple Rain: based on the novel Push by Sapphire. Score: 10/10

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