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‘Ballers’ renewed for another season, ‘Power’ renewed for two more

Both shows are doing great, but way more people watch ‘Power’

If you’re reading this article, you’re either a fan of Ballers, a fan of Power or have slow internet and what you meant to click on moved at the last second. No matter what category you fall under, be glad to know that both shows are going to be here for some time. And they’re both doing well — though if this were a race, Starz’s Power would be in the lead. Power racked up 2.2 million views for episode one and 1.7 million viewers for episode two. HBO’s Ballers is averaging around 1.4 million viewers through two episodes this season.

Early Thursday morning, Ballers‘ star/executive producer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced the news on Instagram. In the post, he thanked all of the show’s fans for their support and ends with:

Now that you know there’s gonna be a Season 3 … you’ll be watchin’ this season with a different eye. Enjoy and have fun with it and above all else … Ball so hard.

You can read The Rock’s statement in the full Instagram post below.

Are the fans happy about this? Of course.

The news that Power is renewed for seasons four and five after a record-setting premiere on July 17 brought joy to its many fans.

Now the real question is … how long is Holly going to last?

For fans of both shows, we expect to see more tweets like this in the near future.

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