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‘Ballers’ recap: You can’t always get what you want

Bad news, power moves — and papa’s got a brand-new car

Season 2, Episode 7 | “Everybody Knows” | Aug. 28


This week, Ballers drops the biggest bombshell of the season. The NFL Players Association determined that Spencer (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) was not a qualified custodian of NFL players’ money — and rejected his application for registration. Unfortunately, being unregistered does not preclude him from managing the money of players. However, that pimp suit he’s wearing this episode is an example of the poor decision-making that makes him an awful adviser.

Hopefully, Spencer will find a career for which he is better suited. My recommendation is that he become a learning disability specialist. He cured Travis Mach (Adam Aalderks) of his dyslexia over a five-minute conversation that took place in the parking lot of a TV studio.

Charles Green’s (Omar Benson Miller) transition from player to front-office executive is complete. He was able to persuade Alonzo (Antoine Harris) to restructure his contract to make room for Ricky (John David Washington) to come back to the Miami Dolphins. Charles has a way with words, because Alonzo and Ricky hate each other. Last season, Ricky was sleeping with Alonzo’s mother. Yes, Charles persuaded Alonzo to take less money in order to make room in the locker room for a man who was having sex with his mother. Charles, you cunning devil.

Ricky is excited to rejoin the Dolphins until he hears from his agent, who informs him that the Los Angeles Rams are offering a contract worth $9 million more than the Dolphins. I hope Ricky signs with the Rams and moves to Los Angeles or anywhere far away from his father Dennis (Robert Wisdom). Dennis is the worst. He was absent from Ricky’s life until last season — at which point he just created problem after problem for Ricky. This episode, Ricky inexplicably rewards Dennis the Menace with a limited-edition GTA Spano, a car that cost more than $1 million.

Ricky could have really used a financial adviser before making this purchase.

Domonique Foxworth is a senior writer at Andscape. He is a recovering pro athlete and superficial intellectual.