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‘Ballers’ recap: Seems like everything happened on Twitter

In an episode about (almost) nothing, all the action was on social media

Season 2, Episode 6 | “Saturdaze” | Aug. 21


Heading into the NFL draft, Florida State linebacker Travis Mach’s (Adam Aalderks) stock is dropping. This is due to his unexplained absence from the combine. Most agents and advisers would set up team visits or invite NFL general managers to a watch a private workout, but that is certainly not the Ballers way. Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) decided to address the pre-draft slide by going fishing with former Super Bowl champ, and TV personality, Mark Schlereth. The fishing excursion ended with a drunken Travis running a 40-yard dash time of 4.58, on sand and wearing baggy jorts.

In other news, Miami Dolphins’ general manager Larry Seifert (Dulé Hill) hired Charles (Omar Benson Miller). Charles’s first assignment from Seifert was to cut the recently signed Nick Kovac (Robert Crayton). Nick was furiously tossing furniture after he learned that he’d been released. Charles knew all the right things to say to calm Nick and rebuild his confidence. Apparently, those were the same words Charles needed to hear, having been cut by Seifert in a previous episode.

Spencer’s nemesis and rival financial adviser Andre (Andy Garcia) tries to convince Joe (Rob Corddry) to leave Spencer’s side and work for him. Joe shows some integrity by declining the offer — but not before getting caught snooping around in Andre’s office.

And: Dennis (Robert Wisdom), Ricky’s father, returned. The last time we saw him he appeared to be leaving Ricky (John David Washington) again. But that turned out not to be the case. Dennis was back in Ricky’s inner circle doing what he does best, messing things up. Dennis tweeted “To hell with New Orleans! My boy got a better offer from Buffalo.” In response to the tweet, the New Orleans Saints rescinded their offer and Ricky went home to fight his father. Finally. Dennis has deserved this ass-whoopin’ for 30 years.

Our only Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) update in this episode came from a tweet that he sent 19 hours before Dennis’s dumb tweet. Vernon tweeted, “Turn up at my crib. Some sick party about to go down! #turnup #party #onatuesday #yolo.” I know that’s your doing Reggie (London Brown).

Overall, this was one of the most uneventful episodes of a pretty uneventful series. But somehow I am still looking forward to next week’s episode. Ballers is like magic … with scores of lovely assistants. Bravo, Ballers, bravo.

Domonique Foxworth is a senior writer at Andscape. He is a recovering pro athlete and superficial intellectual.