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Asia Newson has a business that’s literally lit

This 13-year-old entrepreneur from Detroit is the co-founder and CEO of Super Business Girl

Asia Newson was just 5 years old when she watched her father Michael sell candles door to door in Detroit. She decided she wanted to learn the trade. She learned, she trained and she conquered and developed a sales pitch that people just couldn’t resist.

“Hi, my name is Asia Newson, and I’m known as Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur.” That’s her sales pitch. In 2014, she told ABC News’ 20/20 that sometimes she can be a little scripted but she’s learned to put her own personality into her pitch and approach. As a young entrepreneur, she has a great understanding of business concepts. Her goal was to have stores all over the country.

Eight years later, Asia makes and sells her candles, and she’s expanded her business into a training model — Super Business Girl. The company, of which she is co-founder and CEO, teaches children how to become entrepreneurs and make money for themselves. With the proceeds from sales, she buys clothes and food for needy children, as well as her own school and business supplies.

Asia runs the business with her parents. Her mother, LaTasha Thomas, is president of Super Business Girl and her father is director of sales. Her signature candle is a three-layered pink, yellow and light blue candle in a jar that sells for $14.99. She has four other candles (white tea, southern apple, sweet mango and cotton candy) that are sold on her website for $9.99 each. Her online store includes T-shirts, mugs, bags, jewelry and more.

Asia said she realizes that youth fades and her cute sales pitch may not withstand the passage of time, but she’s working hard to teach other young children to follow in her footsteps and live their dreams.

Super Business Girl Youth entrepreneurship workshops are geared toward middle- and high school students with a goal of encouraging entrepreneurship to those who have ever thought about starting their own business or cultivating a business idea. The workshop is a hands-on class with a curriculum that includes business techniques, entrepreneurship, merchandising, candle-making and innovation. The purpose of the class is to “empower students with tools to create their own opportunities, manage their finances and have funds for college while having fun.”

Asia operates her business from Bamboo Detroit, a business incubator for start-ups. She met one of the owners, Dave Anderson, while selling her candles. He was so impressed by her sales pitch and overall knowledge that he took Asia under his wing and his staff gave her tips on how to improve her packaging, products and techniques.

“They taught me a lot about, like, managing my money. How much money do I have to invest back into my business,” Asia said. “My ultimate, ultimate dream is to have schools all over the world, not just in America, that have professors and teachers in them that teaches at-risk youth how to become entrepreneurs and empower themselves.”

According to her website, Asia is known as Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur. Her mission is to “recognize the true potential in every child and to develop intrinsic security that makes optimum use of their individualized talent. ”

Asia has won numerous awards, including being named to theGrio’s Top 100 list. She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2015, when she told the talk show host, who is known for helping families and entrepreneurs, that she hopes to become a lawyer, the mayor of Detroit and eventually the president of the United States.

Her young ambition has gained her notoriety and popularity with various organizations and news outlets such as America’s Got Talent, Disney World’s Cinderella Stage, MSNBC, 20/20, ABC News and NPR.

Check out her interview below on Ellen DeGeneres in 2015:


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