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11 iconic Whitney Houston performances

Come get your life

For this week’s culture class, forget the reading in the syllabus. We’re here to listen to that voice. Today is the day the good Lord above bestowed upon us Whitney Elizabeth Houston. As someone born in 1994, my knowledge of the Holy Spirit — uh, Whitney Houston — is relatively limited, so I turned to The Undefeated’s staffers to give me their favorite Whitney Houston moments. Here’s what they had to offer.

1985 — You Give Good Love

1986 — Saving All My Love For You


1990 — That’s What Friends Are For

1990 — I’m Your Baby Tonight

1991 — My Name is Not Susan

1992 — I Will Always Love You

1993 — I’m Every Woman

1993 — I Have Nothing

1995 — Exhale

1997 — IMpossible/it’s possible

1998 — When You Believe Duet with Mariah Carey


And, of course:

1991 Super bowl XXV National Anthem

Undefeated culture lead Danyel Smith said it best back in February: “Here we begin. Snare drums so crisp. Bass drum so bold. Houston holds the mic stand for a moment but then clasps her hands behind her back — it reads as clearly as a military at ease. Her stance says: We came to play. Says, in the parlance of the ‘hood, and on behalf of her country: Don’t start none, won’t be none. All we have to do is relax, and we’re all going to win.


Bonus Round:

2003 — Whitney Houston pops off on Wendy Williams




Tierra R. Wilkins is an associate editor for The Undefeated. She likes to eat fries with her ketchup.